I made this to be very realistic, they even poop in the tank, but watching fish can be boring no matter how nice to look at so you can interact with the fish when bored.You can feed the fish, scare the fish by touching them, and you can even tap on the glass to scare all of the fish, but for me the most fun is spearing the fish.

 Welcome to Ocean Simulator

1600x900 Res
For windows only, no Mac version at this time, sorry.
Ultra Real fish, be the first kid on your block to own this Ocean Simulator.
The aquarium is realtime, animation which means fish are never in the same place and you can interact with them.
So realistic, fish open mouths when feeding.
Fish pooping.
Ultra Real organic movements
Demo for Ocean sim coming soon
I promise. 
Fish feeding.
Spearing fish!
Now you can tailor the Ocean Simulator the way you like it. You can add a water surface, sea floor, under water rocks, bubbles, dim lim lights, add underwater sound, feed fish and add realtime shadows.
Choose from 12 different salt water fish.
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New Clear interface and instructions.